All projects are marked against time. Time to market - sales, installation, deployment - and ultimately payment. Nexxys specializes in selling solutions (software and professional services) for the telecoms OSS environment. With expertise in the mobile and fixed network arena in both European and developing markets, we offer business development and sales channels to market with valued partners in Europe, Africa, CIS, and Russian markets. Nexxys has been established since 2003 specializing in both business development and sales by validating products in markets, developing strategies, and selling solutions.

Buying and selling software tools in today's dynamic market is a challenge for customers and vendors alike.  The inertia is moving away from sub-domain products to more comprehensive solutions forming a singular platform in the OSS environment. The challenges faced by customers in this area are those that have been arising over the last 20 years. Disparate silos of data, groups not communicating, lots of excel spreadsheets, differing processes, with no common baseline against which to measure progress. Data from many OSS sources, with little means to timely extract meaningful KPI’s or use business intelligence (BI) analysis. The OSS environment is complex. A balance of Operations (NOC) needs with a strong requirement fora planning and optimization underpinning for strategic what-if analysis.

This differs by region. Operators in Africa for example are seeing a lot of movement to managed services with two predominate vendors. This brings a different set of challenges when considering the market. The “do more with less” is an ever present requirement, with a refined / reduced OSS tool count activity on-going in many regions. Automation, and improved workflow processes for reduced headcount is a constant theme in many organizational layers. Customer churn is always a factor as competitive strategies evolve eating into the customer base. Improving QoS and increasing capacity usually go hand-in-hand with increased costs, hence the need to focus on the existing infrastructure, streamlining the operations and better utilization of the existing network architecture.  Equipment’s, tools and services that enable customers to do just that will be in high demand over the next 12 to 18 months.




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